float sensor

float sensor

Model No.︰LSST

Brand Name︰SKYWEAL

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Water level switch is mainly used in equipments which request water level is regularly kept unchangeably. As a water level automatic control, it works when connected with implementation devices such as water pump or solenoid valve. Water level switch can be widely used in automobile, industry equipments, agriculture equipments and household electrical appliances such as ceiling air conditioner, solar water heater. Function Characteristics: when liquid level rises (or falls), swith will turn on/turn off. (Alternative)

These miniature liquid level switches are designed for reliable operation in small tanks and containers. Their rugged design and careful engineering make them the perfect solution or OEM and large volume applications.
 Compact size
 Low cost
 Reliability/Long switch life
 Can be used in a wide range of liquids
 Perfect solutions for standard assembly parts of mass-produced equipment